Beth Galton

Based on CDC and industry standards, Beth is enforcing a strict set of protocols on her shoots. Her first priorities are the health and safety of her crew and clients. When shoots are remote, clients are kept in the loop by way of virtual communications before, during and after each day of production. By succesfully incorporating needed safety measures, Beth has continued to create unique and beautiful content for her clients over the last two years.

Covid Diary
Like many people, Beth found herself confined to her apartment in NYC in the beginning of the pandemic. Each day began with her obsessively searching the NY Times and The Washington Post online for the maps and charts that tracked Covid’s spread. She began to screengrab this compelling news, with the understanding that these visual changes affected millions of people worldwide. Determined to use them in her photographs, she started printing them out, created small sets in her home and combined them with botanicals she had saved. She became focused on adding a sense of humanity to these screengrabs in her photographs. What evolved has become a visual diary of how covid and the politics of the time affected all our everyday lives. Covid Diary is now a printed book. The project was recently featured in the Washington Post.
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