Masatane Muto is a musician, artist, creator, and famous for his global role as an ambassador in finding a cure for ALS disease. Muto was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 27 and can no longer move his body. Fearing he would no longer be able to communicate, Muto worked with experts to design an eye-tracking keyboard with which he can spell out words. As is often the case with ALS sufferers, Muto could soon lose the ability to move his eyes. So, he again worked with experts to develop a system by which he could communicate using just his brain. The device that was created can use AI to interpret Muto’s thoughts.

Tobias Hutzler is intrigued and inspired by Muto. Moved by the innovative ways that he uses to express himself, Tobias conceived a film that would showcase Muto’s genius. He worked with pioneering scientists to map Muto’s brainwaves using EEG while Muto thought of rhythms. Those rhythms were translated into audible music. This collaborative project grew even more intriguing when Tobias brought in Aoi Yamada (renowned avant-garde dancer) to perform. Tobias also created the lights that echo the compelling music that was born in Muto’s mind and translated using EEG. With the added expertise of a top Tokyo-based production company, Tobias’ extraordinary film, Brain Waves, is now a visual journey available for anyone to take.
The film is gorgeous, heart wrenching and truly mesmerizing.

Congrats Tobias on this innovative, breathtaking work of art. Click here to view the film.

From Brain Waves by Tobias Hutzler

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