Sandro has had a decades-long relationship with sword swallower, Katy (La Reine The Thrill). He recently captured these stunning images of this incredibly talented performer. Regarding this breathtaking shoot, Sandro states:

I have known Katy since she was an infant as I was very good friends with her parents. As Katy grew and became more creatively oriented, she would come to me for advice. She wanted to get into the business as a makeup stylist so I hooked her up with one of the best in town. Later she would come to me looking for advice and for my encouragement about moving to New York to become a stage performer doing burlesque, circus and queer world work.  Today Katy aka La Reine the Thrill is a highly sought out Sword Swallower performing for crowds. She is one of only 100 female sword swallowers globally. She also practices as a Spiritual Practitioner and a Psychology coach. I am happy for Katy as she followed her heart and her dreams.




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