Sandro and Ogilvy are on a mission. Together, with their client City of Chicago, they have created and are executing a campaign that will culminate in teens throughout Chicago getting vaccinated. This extraordinary project involves a box truck turned mobile photo studio. Sandro and his team are traveling with their mobile studio to underserved communities in Chicago. There, teens can get their photo taken by Sandro - and be incentivized to get vaccinated in order to secure their future. Click here to view a segment aired by Good Morning America about the project.  Below are some of the beautiful portraits that have been taken of Chicago teens and a statement from Sandro stating why this project is one of the most important projects of his career.
Congrats Ogilvy, City of Chicago and Sandro!

It is a privilege and an honor to be collaborating with the Ogilvy Agency and the City of Chicago on the Protect Your Future, Face Forward Project Campaign. Rarely in one’s career do we get the chance to step up and be on the forefront of saving peoples lives.  Ogilvy, Chicago’s premier advertising agency again came up with this brilliant idea on how we together can save people’s lives. This is one of those opportunities that will forever live in my heart. I was called in by my friend and supporter Joe Sciarrotta, Deputy Chief Creative Officer Worldwide of Ogilvy& Mather Chicago, to design a photography studio on wheels, one of the many incentives we are creating to help teenage kids of Chicago get vaccinated.  With this huge task at hand, I needed to call in for support.  I called my friend Brian Ellison of BKE designs to help me fabricate the truck into a full-blown photography studio on wheels.  We worked together as a team using young men who had been incarcerated and are now working with the Safer Foundation, a foundation helping young men and women to find jobs in their communities and helping them to adjust to their new roles in society. Together we took a 15 ft. box truck and prepared the truck to go on the road and park at pre-determined locations to photograph and conduct interviews of over 750 teenagers throughout the city of Chicago.   With the help of FRAMESTORE and Chicago superstar muralist Jeff Zimmerman, we decorated the outside of the truck to be an incredible eye-catching piece of art on wheels.   I think the most satisfying component of this whole project is that we have been working together as brothers and sisters of all genders, ethnics, and race’s, working towards the goal of getting our wonderful teens, the next generation of leaders vaccinated and safe from the dangers of covid -19 and it variances.  Together the people of Chicago are coming together in a loving, honorable way showing the world what can happen when a city comes together and wants to make a significant difference in the lives of others.   Thank you for having me on board.

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