For a quarter of a century, I have had the extraordinary honor and privilege to represent Paul Elledge.
Paul is a rare artist. His unwavering devotion to his work is only surpassed by his consistent graciousness. He is humble, brilliant; an exemplary human being. As seasons change, so do circumstances. It is my pleasure to announce that Paul, being the renaissance man that he is, is expanding on his varied interests. He will be focusing on other artistic disciplines as well as the beautiful farm he tends in Southern Illinois. This is not goodbye. Paul will be available for very select projects upon request and
I will have the continued fortune to work with him when he does take on photographic/directorial assignments. 
Paul, for twenty five years you have faithfully been my colleague and lovingly become a part of my family. 
Thank you for being such an inspiration. Here’s to what’s next! 
XO, Candace

Brett Gelman by Paul Elledge | paulellege.com
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