Tobias Hutzler

When the unthinkable happened, Tobias Hutzler experienced a call to action. As the pandemic paused commercial shoots and locked us all away in our homes, Tobias leaned into his love for invention. He focused on his ongoing personal project that experiments with light and space. He fabricated custom light sources to bring to life the images that thrived in his imagination. Tobias chose to see the free time that the pademic imposed as a gift. His personal work consistently inspires his clients and ignites commercial concepts. The below represents work that Tobias has created since the beginning of the pandemic.

Tobias and his crew put safety first on all of their shoots. They strive to provide a workspace where all attendees feel heard, safe and protected. If clients join the shoot via virtual means, Tobias incorporates systems that assure they feel every bit the integral part of the project that they are. For Tobias, COVID-19 has only lead to inspiration and strengthened his collaborative spirit.
He is ready to create content for you! 

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