The New York Times and Google Pixel joined forces on a mission to solicit new content from some incredibly creative image makers. One of them is Kennedi Carter. Shooting with a Pixel6, Kennedi produced a series of images of street-cast talent based in Houston's 3rd Ward. Below is a statement from Kennedi regarding this incredible collaboration.
Click here to view an interview with Kennedi and to learn more about the project.

When I was young and doing research on image makers it was hard finding people to look up to that looked like myself. I looked to people like my grandmother, who is considered to be the family photographer. She is the reason why there are so many photographs of my family, shooting roll after roll documenting their lives. As wide scale photography has evolved, many people have moved on to tools that are easier to access, such as phones. In the future, the photos that make up our library will be what we look back on to reference our stories, our families, moments in history, and moments where we felt most beautiful. Folks with darker skin complexions deserve the ability to look back at an image and see themselves pictured in the truest way possible when it comes to image output.

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