Sandro's beautiful studio (which is attached to his home) is directly across the street from one of Chicago's many public parks. From his balcony, Sandro has a birdseye view of the park and the people who frequent it. No stranger to approaching strangers, if he sees a unique face or senses an intriguing energy from someone in the park, Sandro will find a way to photograph that person. Once in his studio, Sandro puts his subject at ease and draws out their innermost world - a skill Sandro has mastered. 
Here are some of the breathtaking images that Sandro captured of Roxy and of Joshua 
and what he had to say about finding them in the park. 

I saw Roxy one day outside my studio looking at my garage door. The the message 'you are beautiful' is painted on it.  Her striking red hair caught my eye and I knew that I had to ask her if I could photograph her.   

I was walking in the park one day and I came across Joshua - a wonderfully fit, fully tattooed man. Joshua is in the military,
and has the respect and graciousness of someone who has served.

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