Central Camera has been a Chicago landmark since 1899. Owned by the lovely Don Flesch (who is the third generation to manage the family store), Central Camera was a quintessential camera-lovers oasis until it was burned to the ground on the evening of May 30th - a casualty of the riots errupting nationwide in protest of the senseless murder of George Floyd. Don, a longtime friend of Candace and Paul Elledge, has expressed that he is most angry about the death of George Floyd. Don plans to rebuild Central Camera  and make it "just as good or better." A hopeful and courageous outlook in the midst of chaos and devastation. Paul captured some incredible images of Don and his store (below) - as well as an amazing video (click here). The video presents a history of Central Camera in 360 degrees (move your cursor for the full experience).
You'll get a glimpse of what is now gone forever but in time will rise from the ashes.

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